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Pandora Box New Update !!!

In the city of Lorencia, a Pandora Box will appear every hour and 50 minutes.

The essence of the event is that the player must open the box and run away from other players so that they don't get killed.

If a player is killed, the box goes to the player who killed him.


Event time: 3 minutes



2022-12-11 13:02

New Year

Dear players! The administration of the server congratulates you on the New Year.
Let it bring you happiness, health and success. May your goals be achieved, wishes come true and achievements be rewarded.

Introduced changes on the server from November 27, 2022 to January 8, 2023:

Disabled dynamic experience.
Disabled % burn-in from upgrading items on the site.
Disabled % of returning items on the site.
WCoin Buying Bonus (C) +200% accrual.
Added New Year to Ranking Event on the site. (You need to kill Cursed Santa and Cursed Goblin as much as possible, points are awarded for each kill.)

2022-11-27 14:40


New items from season 18 have been added to the server.
Things - Mixes - weapons, shields, armor.
A new Volcan Ignis map with a new boss.
All information about the update can be viewed here http://info.abyssmu.eu/

2022-11-14 10:21

[LiveGuard-AntiCheat] [ERROR]

Hello, there was a problem with connecting to the anti-cheat, we are waiting for suporrt to fix it   PROBLEM FIXED 2022/11/11 17:22 TIME


2022-11-11 14:54

ABYSSMU HALLOWEEN 2022-10-31/2022-11-01

1.eXPerIence bonus  1 day

2.Drop bonus  1 day +35 %

4.Bonus x5000+x3000 exp

2022-10-27 16:57

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