Grand Open x5000 2022-08-19
In Game: 23
In Game: 0

17 / 02 / 2022

Yes Add ItemLevel in the ItemOption.txt
Yes New log system
Yes Max 10 Characters
Yes Custom Flag System
Yes Gremory Case System
Yes New DefaultClassStatus.txt file
Yes New MasterResetTable.txt file
Yes Reset Reward item
Yes Master Reset Reward item
Yes Disable Guild PK Option
Yes Online time Reward Item
Yes Open Store in Hunt zone Option
Yes Party Search System
Yes Store Search System
Yes Pk Limit Option
Yes Fix Indulgence item (13,60)
Yes Fix Skill Inside Option
Yes Fix Online time save into database
Yes Fix Teleport skill bug with sleep or stun
Yes Fix Map move bug with sleep or stun effect
Yes Fix character can't use skill with Ice arrow
Yes Fix Personal store view port close when die
Yes Fix white boots when evolve to 3rd class

17 / 02 / 2022

Yes Auto resume OffHelper
Yes Add Blood Castle allow pvp option
Yes Add Character close time option
Yes Add Command /Makeall /MakeallMap
Yes Add Command /DropAll /DropllMap
Yes Add ExcellentOptionRate.txt
Yes Add Imperial guardian reward experience option
Yes Add ItemOptionWing.txt
Yes Add Russian Roulette Remove Rate option
Yes Add Status Points by master level option
Yes Advanced event item bag updated
Yes Combo with 1 or 2 skills
Yes Custom Menu Option
Yes Custom MiniMap type 2
Yes Custom Name Style (V2)
Yes Custom sign by VIP or RankUser
Yes Event Entry Count Limit
Yes EventItemBag coins reward option
Yes GS Monster Drop info system
Yes Key Ctrl Attack enable/disable
Yes Main show confirmation messagebox to close option
Yes Max Game Instances
Yes Max Master Skill tree points
Yes New MonsterSetBase system
Yes Npc Invasion option
Yes Pk Zone system
Yes Fix Blood Castle gm wings
Yes Fix Blood Castle shows archangel on the back
Yes Fix Friend mail + trade zen bug
Yes Fix turn into pk when kill other pk
Yes Fix snow lorencia/noria

17 / 02 / 2022

Yes Added 5 extra plugins in maininfo
Yes Anti Speed Hack Movement
Yes Battle Royale Event Drop itens when die option
Yes Events aplly the exp by rate of ExperienceTable
Yes Custom Client Icon
Yes Custom Item Power increased to 1000
Yes Custom Monster Skill
Yes Custom Mix (v2)
Yes Disable Teleport Skill when Immobilized
Yes New Castle Siege damage rate options
Yes Disable Twist slash multi skill on cs option
Yes EventItemBag drops in inventory option
Yes New Character name style
Yes Show Monster name
Yes Change monster name color
Yes Custom Item Replace
Yes Off Helper
Yes Reset Monster Hit damage when player die option
Yes Kundun boss use OrderOfProtection and Reffil HP
Yes Custom pet BlockBackSpring option
Yes Promotional Banner when enter in game
Yes Fix Illusion temple remove effects when enter
Yes Fix Custom Jewel aplly on Arrow/Bolt
Yes Fix Master Experience after reset
Yes Fix move when is stuned

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