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Hello everyone, update the new anti cheat, everyone have a good game !

2023-09-09 08:45


2023-09-07 16:18


1.Prize Wings 3 Opt +L+0  SET+3 Opt +L+0  and  2000 Wcoins

2. Prize Fenir  Rings of Block +3 Opt(2) Sheld +15+3opt and 1500 Wcoins

3.Prize  40 box  +5+4  and 1000  Wcoins

Hello, I need to make a trailer for Abyssmu.eu x5000 , how to make contacts  discord I will publish it on 2023-09-16



3.WINNER Wunderfull FOR GAME

2023-09-02 11:58

OpeN !

About the server:

Launch date: - 2023-08-25 at 18:00 LTU time.
Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Part 18
Experience Rate: x5000
Experience Rating ML: 10%
Drop Rate: 30%
Max Level: 400
Max Level ML: 400
Max Stats: 32000
Mu Helper: From 1st level
Guild Creation: 350 level
Max number of players in guild: 20
Max guild alliance count: 3
Elf Helper up to: 25 reset
Max Reset: 100
Max grand reset: 10
Max 3 accounts from one IP
MG-DL-RF available from: Level 1
Site Features:

Character Marketplace.
Upgrade game items - via game chest
Marketplace of Stuff
Achievement System
Web Store
Refunds for items purchased on the webstore
Buy VIP status
Voting System
Hide personal information
Built-in forum
Ticket system contact administration
Russian and English languages support
Game Features:

New maps to season 16.
New sets of things to season 18.
New Wings 2.5 - 3.5 - 4 - 5 - 6 levels.
New crafts to create - new stones, pets, pentagrams, sets, weapons, wings.
New Ancient sets all sets of 5 parts Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.
New Socket weapon sets and shields.
New Munn system with pets, horses, wolves, birds.
New Ghost Fenrir and Horse of season 15.
New Season 8 Costume Jewelry.
New Season 10 Skill Tree.
New Shields for Season 18
New No PvP Labyrinth map with 49 spots.
New bosses, events - Evomon Evolves, Demons, Eggs, Arca War, Acheron Guardian, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, Ferea Crystal Orb, Crystal Stone, God of Water, Bloody Witch Queen Gray, Abyss King Bahamut Boss.
New game panel with sections - Event Time, Ranking, Command, Jewel Bank.
New effects of new items, weapons, wings, bosses.
New Team vs Team, Guild vs Guild, Battle Royale, Championship.
New Mating System.
Golden Archer with the exchange of Life, Creation stones for Goblin poinst currency.
Lucky Coin System
Online Rewards
Support right mouse click to move items.
Five additional chests.
Items of the element system.
Combo for all classes.
Minimap spot display.
Support for Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.
Socket items up to 5 options + PvP + Excellent.
Support for pvp options on all things.
Off PvP command /offpvp - The command only works on the maps Lost Tower, Tarkan, Kalima 1-6, Karutan 1-2.
OffExp - AFK system, off-line pumping.
OffHelper - AFK system, pumping offline with item raise.
In-game quest system - 200 quests.
All of the valuable in-game currency WC available for quests and various Event.
VIP system with an increase in the drop ehpy and on cooking items.
A guild chest.
Auto reset system.

2023-05-25 15:22

Beta Test !!!

Following its announcement   has finally announced that the revival of MU Online will start its Open Beta Test today, April 21. Specifically, the Open Beta starts at 19:00 PM LTU, with no server wipes leading up to the game’s official launch. END Beta test May 2023.05.21 !

2023-04-21 13:46


Dear players! A big update was added to the server! All need to download the game client site on the new! With the old game client in the game can not come!

1) Updated the award for grand resets of the infa
2) Added new SANTA TOWN EVENT infa
3) Added new kill set of the infa
4) Added Luckwheels infa
5) Added Guild Buff infa
6) Added new Pvparena evement infa
7) Added Imperialguardian event infa
8) Added new bosses with event Boss battle together infa
9) Updated the award from the Old kethotum event infa map

2023-04-19 18:46

Pandora Box New Update !!!

In the city of Lorencia, a Pandora Box will appear every hour and 50 minutes.

The essence of the event is that the player must open the box and run away from other players so that they don't get killed.

If a player is killed, the box goes to the player who killed him.


Event time: 3 minutes



2022-12-11 13:02

New Year

Dear players! The administration of the server congratulates you on the New Year.
Let it bring you happiness, health and success. May your goals be achieved, wishes come true and achievements be rewarded.

Introduced changes on the server from November 27, 2022 to January 8, 2023:

Disabled dynamic experience.
Disabled % burn-in from upgrading items on the site.
Disabled % of returning items on the site.
WCoin Buying Bonus (C) +200% accrual.
Added New Year to Ranking Event on the site. (You need to kill Cursed Santa and Cursed Goblin as much as possible, points are awarded for each kill.)

2022-11-27 14:40


New items from season 18 have been added to the server.
Things - Mixes - weapons, shields, armor.
A new Volcan Ignis map with a new boss.
All information about the update can be viewed here http://info.abyssmu.eu/

2022-11-14 10:21

[LiveGuard-AntiCheat] [ERROR]

Hello, there was a problem with connecting to the anti-cheat, we are waiting for suporrt to fix it   PROBLEM FIXED 2022/11/11 17:22 TIME


2022-11-11 14:54

ABYSSMU HALLOWEEN 2022-10-31/2022-11-01

1.eXPerIence bonus  1 day

2.Drop bonus  1 day +35 %

4.Bonus x5000+x3000 exp

2022-10-27 16:57

Web store opening

Web store opening schedule: 1 siege 10/30/2022 - All items up to sockets eX700, Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel, new jewelry, wings 2.5, 3, 4 levels, improved items on the site. 2 siege 11/06/2022 - Awakening, Frost, Silver, Manticore, Brilliant, Marafon, Armagedon, wings 5, 6 levels.

2022-10-14 20:29

New players x5000

New players x5000 server, free bonuses are available:

 When you create a character you will receive temporary items and buffs for 7 days.



2022-08-29 20:23

Skin System

Skin System

31 new skins have been added to the game


Re-launch the game via the Launcher to update



2022-08-26 15:27

2022-08-24 19:55 server time !

There were made in the server fixes. which required a restart of the server.smile

2022-08-24 20:08

Events kill all the bosses

The site added top events with weekly rewards.

You are required to simply go to all events kill all the bosses.

Reward is distributed to 10 players in each top.

Reward is credited every Sunday, at 23:00 server time!cool

2022-08-20 10:53

Do you have questions for server administration?